Something Better

A comprehensive rapid COVID-19 testing and monitoring program

Why Test?

Headline: 35% of employees at Tyson Foods pork processing plant in Waterloo, Iowa test positive for COVID-19.

What are the human and economic costs of…

1000+ workers testing positive for COVID-19 in a single plant?

An undisclosed number of COVID-19 related deaths?

An entire plant shutdown for two weeks?

Widespread absenteeism and loss of employee morale?

In today’s COVID-19 time, we can not go back to “business as before”. The Tyson Foods teaches us how covid-19 put the risk to human and economic loss to business everywhere, not only to plants, but also to offices, schools etc. Firms should must take every precaution to make sure that their communities are safe as possible while maintaining the highest levels of commitment and productivity. Your community’s health, mission and bottom line determined on it. Social distancing, touchless interactions, PPE and sanitizing will be a truth of life for the future. still, these measures will be SECOND line of defense to slow or prevent the SPREAD of the COVID-19.

The FIRST step should be at the main doors or gates to your workplace through which employee walk out going to their homes, grocery store, meeting friends, going to the gym, going about their personal lives as they should and must, but all that time they are potentially being infected by COVID-19. When they come back through your main doors or gates, what are the potential steps you can take to try to prevent COVID-19 from walking in with them? Is it Health screenings, surveys and temperature? this checks may help you to identify some symptomatic people but these tools are useless against asymptomatic infected people which can account for up to 25-50% of the COVID-positive population. Temperature checks and sanitizing are not efficient to stop covid-19 from spreading. Organizations need some better solution.

A comprehensive fast COVID-19 test and monitoring system can give a much better defense against covid-19 infiltrating your organization. Effective testing and monitoring program, you can get much significant clarity into your community. Who has not recovered from the disease and may not have immunity? Who is infected with virus and should be quarantined? Where are your most unsafe locations, sections, or segments? You will be able to answer these questions and more with the wealth of data provided by a COVID-19 testing system. You can also create to design effective strategies and tactics to reduce the effect of COVID-19 in your organization.

…Or you could continue to try to use stone-age weapons against modern firepower and simply hope for the best.