Universal Digital Health Pass Platform

COVID-19 is Not Going Away

Today our society is very health conscious and it is looking for trusted assurances that their surrounding environment is likely to be free from threat like COVID-19. One way to decrease risk and get confidence is with a trusted digital health U-pass that can authenticate the COVID-19 test or vaccination status of each person for a respective environment, whether it’s a school, ship, bus, plane, stadium, or any retail store.

U-Pass Digital Health Pass

A complete trustable platform that gives assurance of health status, which includes test report, vaccinations, and boosters that is paired with the user’s identity. Users will be provided with health verifiable and undisputable health-status credentials in a digital wallet while protecting their personal identity. User health credentials can be created on-the-fly and displayed as a universally recognized QR code.

U-Pass Components

Open Design Long-term Value

Design of U-Pass enables credential sharing and verification, therefore the user’s health and identity credential are often used with any open health pass system, like Common Pass. The U-Pass infrastructure is very secure and goes beyond HIPAA-compliance by protecting user privacy with an SSI (secure-sovereign identity) system supported by a blockchain infrastructure for trusted identity and health credential utilization, additionally to encryption and data hashing protection. Originally, U-Pass was created for query, obtain, validate, qualify and secure test and vaccination results from virtually any open source of knowledge , so it can quickly assimilate health data because it becomes available from government sources globally. As an entire ‘plug-and-play’ platform, U-Pass are often easily customized for virtually any operation, and key features, like secure user identity and health credential binding, are often decoupled and integrate with almost any app or health pass solution.

About Unisys

Unisys has 140-years of innovative experience, innovation under roof, Unisys is a one of the leading systems integrator that takes help of best technologies and services to create reliable solutions for customers. The U-Pass Platform makes it easy to enhance the health of virtually any environment with highly trusted health credentials, while protecting the privacy of users.