Rapid COVID-19

Testing Program

What sets Devon Community Health Testing Program apart?

This is the ICH testing program which offers high-quality molecular tests, rapid tests at the point of care with automated test data collection and report on data analysis, daily health screenings reports, and management of the test program system that allows for the effective monitoring of the overall testing program. Devon’s test program is a comprehensive turn-key COVID-19 test solution that provides:

The most advanced COVID-19 testing platform offers high-quality molecular (PCR) tests and fast testing at the point of care. One of the leading diagnostics companies with long-term history and numerous tests being used.

Data analytics are powerful and efficient to aid administrators in assessing the threat of COVID-19 for their communities.

Web application and mobile application to help manage the large-scale testing program.

Daily reports through mobile apps support the testing effort by quickly finding and securing those at risk.

Turn-key testing service in which Devon testing personnel conduct the tests for all cases in which the company lacks the facilities or the expertise required to conduct its tests.

Comprehensive Testing Program

Our extensive testing programs are typically customized to meet the exact requirements and risk factors of your company that including these:

On-Site Mass-Scale Periodic Testing: Regularly scheduled mass-scale tests of your company to monitor for the possibility of COVID-19 infection. A standard testing frequency is established for the majority of the company, with potential more frequent testing for subgroups that have greater risk factors. Testing takes place in your office or at a location to reduce business operations and productivity disruptions.

Turnkey Testing Solution: lets you quickly implement the largest-scale testing program at a very small cost. Testing is managed and carried out by Devon's experienced team of technicians, specifically trained in the management of tests using our kits.

Mobile App for Health Screenings and Test Administration

The most significant technological element that is a key component of this Devon test program is its ICH app for mobile devices. It is utilized to make it easier for users to register to the test program, facilitate self-service testing and securely provide test results to every individual. The mobile application can also be used to perform regular health screenings for all users. Anyone who has symptoms is referred to tests or screenings to follow-up and is given specific directions on required follow-up screenings.

Analytics and Test Management Application

Our mobile and web application is accessible to management to review the test program and analyze the data. Checklists of watchlists can be constructed to keep track of all those who might be at risk in light of their test report or Health screening reports. Management tools and updates in real-time can be used to aid management in assessing the risk of COVID-19 in their communities.

Program Benefits

Manage and protect your community's health and well-being. Community, as well as the restoration of the pre-COVID-19 operation.

Reduce the risk and cost of major disruptions for your business and the potential threat to your company's mission, loss of productivity, and economic business.

Promote your COVID-Safe test program to build trust with your customers and provide an incredible competitive advantage.

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