AFIAS Point of Care Test System

Quantitative Antibody and Antigen Results in about 10 Minutes

How does it work?

AFIAS-1 and AFIAS-6 (AFIAS-automated fluorescent immunoassay system) are automatic immunoassay systems that measures the concentration of a targeted analyte in a sample, using quantitative or semi-quantitative methods using blood, urine, and other samples.

The AFIAS reader is easy to carry and has a simple structure. Also, AFIAS uses all-in-one cartridges which automates the entire procedures from sample preparation to test when user loads sample only.

The AFIAS-1 analyzer has a single channel so it is optimized for small and mid-sized hospitals (or clinics) testing up to six COVID-19 Ab samples per hour while the AFIAS-6 comes with six channels with the capacity to process up to 36 samples per hour. For some tests, such as COVID-19, TSH, CRP, PCT, and HbA1c, a quantitative test can be performed using a small sample (10uL or 50uL) of whole blood from a finger or heel using an applicable C-tip (capillary tip).


AFIAS-1: 320 mm (L) x 204 mm (W) x 180 mm (H)
AFIAS-6: 420 mm (L) x 336 mm (W) x 293 mm (H)

AFIAS-1: 3.9 kg
AFIAS-6: 15.1 kg

AFIAS-1: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 1.5 A
AFIAS-6: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 1.8 A

AFIAS-1: 5” touch color LCD
AFIAS-6: 7” touch color LCD

USB 4 ports, LAN port, RS-232

Temperature -20 ~ 50°C, Humidity Max. 70%

LCD, built-in printer, RS-232 port

Patient test results (5,000) / System check results (100)
Standard material (control) test results (5,000)

500 ID chips (Max. 5 LOTs per each item)

Max. 10 tests per hour (different depending on item)

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