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We have witnessed the COVID-19 pandemic in the world play out, causing havoc to our communities, and bringing our global economy to stagnation, and pushing the health system of our country to limits, Devon Testing mission is to utilize the latest technology and innovative methods of testing to aid businesses and communities return to a sense of normalcy and order in the new COVID-19 age. In order to achieve this, we’ve established partnerships with the top testing companies and test delivery companies to design a complete COVID-19 testing and monitoring system to get companies and society moving forward.

Devon Testing is a subsidiary of Devon Health Alliance, a managed services company, as well as advisory services to the healthcare sector that works with healthcare providers to develop new models of care that improve the quality of healthcare, reduce costs, and lower risk by the use of technology. As part of the larger Devon Health Alliance organization, Devon Testing is able to benefit from the extensive expertise of the industry and the extensive network of experts Devon Health Alliance has developed through the years of working with the healthcare industry.

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