Devon Testing For Covid-19

Devon Test gives quick, accurate, and convenient COVID-19 testing for workplaces, schools, colleges, and communities.

Devon Testing offers

  • A portfolio of the most recent COVID-19 tests including molecular testing upheld by high throughput, CLIA approved laboratory and quick point of care tests.
  • A complete data platform that robustly manages testing logistics and results reporting.
  • A program management and local, on-site delivery of testing services.

Devon testing Provide Solution For Industries


Complete COVID-19 testing to keep students, faculty and staff safe for in-person education.


Solution for employers to identify, control and mitigate the risk of covid-19 workplace.


Our COVID-19 testing solutions satisfy your travel requirements for pre-departure and re-entry.


We are partnering with local and regional institutions in bringing COVID-19 testing to your community.

Get Tested

No cost to you For your Covid-19 test… Devon partners with schools and universities, businesses, and communities across our country to provide COVID-19 testing as activities return to normal.


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